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Stephen Roach, "The Breath & the Clay" 2018, and Starting a Creative Arts Community

Creativity is exploding across the church, and there are a number of influencers quietly leading the charge. Stephen Roach is one of them. A Greensboro native, some of his early recognition came directing the band Songs of Water. But in 2014, his work expanded with the launch of The Breath & the Clay, an annual gathering in North Carolina now attended by artists and creatives around the world. He’s also the host of Makers and Mystics, a new podcast exploring faith and creativity.

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Natalie Shaw: Finding Freedom in Art

"Design ended up being the closest way to sort-of do art and have a “real job.” I considered close-to-art things like fashion, interior design, and graphic design, but never realized they all had art at its core. There’s art in clothes, art in spaces and art in graphics, but at the center is art in its purest form – no agenda, no client, no limitations. I couldn’t shake the thing I felt and finally gave in. Pretty much felt like breathing for the first time."

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Conquering Perfectionism: A Conversation with Adam Bianchin

Sometimes art makes you uncomfortable enough to stop and listen. The first time I saw Adam's art, I was in that boat – a bit intrigued, a bit unsettled. But as I heard his story and creative process, I walked away with a new perspective. I hope Adam's story challenges you, inspires you, and finds some resemblance with your own. 

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