Libby John: Art and Faith Conversations

"Art and Faith Conversations" is a new podcast by Libby John and Sarah Pieper exploring the intersection of creativity and spirituality. We spoke with Libby, a dancer, choreographer, and songwriter, about her inspiration behind this project and what has kept her going.


We creatives are great at starting or dreaming about projects, and sometimes not so great at sustaining them. How did you overcome that initial rush of inspiration and make this a long-term commitment?


I had no idea how to podcast when I started it. But the seed of the dream was so compelling, I knew it would be an opportunity missed if I didn't carry it out. I didn't want regret, I wanted to go on the adventure. I set a release date and made it public which motivated me to stick to my word! Deadlines are good for creatives and dreamers! It was up with 5 episodes ready to go in about 8 weeks.

What motivated you to launch the Art & Faith podcast, and why did you choose podcasting as your medium?


I started the podcast because I recognized there was a need to talk about how professional artists of all areas of creativity, live out their faith. Among dancers and musicians, which is my background, I was seeing Christians struggle with having to compartmentalize their art and/or faith and only use one or the other in different settings. We feel this pressure to have to categorize our art forms and stick it into a genre when the reality is, our faith and art should just be an overflow of who we are and what God is doing in our lives. When we are open handed about our gifts then He leads us places to use them in ways that doesn't always fit into a category or genre.

I chose podcasting because it was the most accessible way to start having these conversations. We are able to connect with artists from anywhere in the world through a phone call and a recording. Oftentimes we just need to hear others saying the same things we are all feeling and it gives us courage when we realize we're not alone.

When we are open handed about our gifts then He leads us places to use them in ways that doesn’t always fit into a category or genre.

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Libby John, pictured

Libby John, pictured

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