Perspectives in Fashion Imagery: An Interview with Sierra Pruitt

If the intersection of art and faith could be embodied, Sierra Pruitt would be that person. A Portland-based photographer specializing in fashion, portraiture, and editorial, Sierra’s life and work carry purpose and intention, the overflow of which is her creative passion and innovation. She is currently transitioning to England, where she is continuing her education at the London College of Fashion. 

Art, Faith, and 'The Spaces In-Between': An Interview with Kat English

If you’ve been following Art of Faith from the beginning, Kat English’s work may look familiar, since her painting Electric Storm was featured in our first post. I met Kat earlier this year; we happened to sit one seat apart in our senior arts and ethics class. Since syllabus week secures your seat until finals, Kat and I became acquainted quickly. I’ve since come to know her as a distinctive thinker, writer and voice for the creative church. You’ll get to hear more from Kat in the future – until then, let’s get to know her a little!